this moment when your usual software leaves you hanging but you have to hand in your animations tomorrow


i forgot all about this blog!


i’ve recently been asked how i draw my lines and i want to share with you this awesome tool. if you are a little like me and always wanted to draw with ink, but you just don’t like drawing with brushes and you think changing pens for every width is a pain in the ass you should try one of these! this pen offers flexible width! whooop! you can just turn the little screw and adjust the width of the pen as you go. just dip it in ink and get going. doesn’t sound like a big deal, i know. for me it was a game changer though. these are usually not expensive either. i’ve got mine for about 3€ and i wouldn’t wanna miss it. if you would love to be into inking but just cant be bothered – try this. it might help!


new website is FINALLY online!!! it had cost me some tears and a lot of nerves, but it’s finally good to go. :3 only some minor changes need to be done. i think future lisa will do a great job at those. tüdelüüü!



unfortunatly i tend to immediately forget how my html code works once i’ve written and published it. this is why i’ve thought it might be time for a cms. right now i’m trying to design my website via wordpress, because how hard can it be, right? well. very. turns out php is evil.


finally starting to get more in touch with the Samsung tab a with s pen I purchased like half a year ago 😀 im forcing myself to use it for the next task at NUA. it’s an 8 page childrens book, and I gotta say with all these brushes and stuff… it kinda feels too easy. almost a bit like cheating.


i am officially the worst person alive when it comes to color choices. x) definitely gotta reprint that.